Applicable person :
Small business owners (There are different payment requirements for Sole proprietorship including Freelancers.)

We(Small and Medium Enterprise Agency/中小企業庁 )provide benefits that can be widely used for all businesses in order to support the continuation of the business and provide support for the restart of businesses that are particularly affected by the restraint of sales due to the spread of infectious diseases.

Business income (sales) has been earned from the business before 2019 and there is an intention to continue the business in the future.

The amount of benefits is the amount obtained by multiplying the monthly business income of the target month by 12 from the annual business income of the business year immediately before the business year to which the target month belongs, within a range not exceeding 2 million yen.
The month in which the monthly business income is 50% or less compared to the same month of the previous year, which is arbitrarily selected, is called the “target month”.
The target month shall be the month selected by the operator from January to December 2020.

Benefits calculation example:

S: Emergency Benefits (up to 2 million yen) * Round down less than 100,000 yen
A: Annual business income for the fiscal year immediately preceding the fiscal year to which the target month belongs.
B: Monthly business income for the target month

(A) Annual business income for the last business year (FY2019)
5 million yen

○Monthly business income in April of the last business year (FY2019)
500,000 yen

(B) Monthly business revenue for April 2020
200,000 yen
<*Emergency Benefits are available as it has decreased by 50% or more compared to the same month of the previous year.>

Calculation formula (S=A-B × 12)
5 million-200,000 x 12 = 2.6 million> 2 million(Maximum amount)

(S) Emergency Benefit amount: 2 million yen

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※No repayment is required for this benefit.


Q. Is sustained benefit taxable?

A.Yes,The Sustainable Benefits provide funds that can be used without any restrictions in order to support the business continuity of businesses in extremely difficult business environments.

For tax purposes, this is included in the profit (total income amount for individual businesses), but if there is more loss (required expenses for individual businesses), taxable income does not occur, As a result, it is not taxable.