English 外国人の方のご相談

Miyuki Yoshida Administrative Solicitor Office is committed to building STEADY & FAITHFUL relationship with my clients, in order to deliver the best quality service to all clients.

Do you need the expert in the General Immigration, Family or your Business fields?

To protect your Rights and Duties against disadvantage, please don’t hesitate to approach me, when you meet with any difficulties or before being faced by difficulties.

An Administrative Solicitor, Miyuki Yoshida, is an expert in drawing up the document in the administrative affairs. I may assist you in various fields, I am dealing with General Immigration, your business, and Family and childcare related matters.

I am an expert in General immigration, Visas & Work Permits, International Marriage and as a Business partner.


行政書士 吉田美如 Miyuki Yoshida Administrative Solicitor


I can assist clients with various legal matters, in preparing Visa Applications.


  • Extending or Varying (更新・変更)
  • Work Permit Visa (就労)
  • Student Visa (留学)
  • Spouse Visa (日本人の配偶者等)
  • Family Visa (家族滞在)
  • Visiting Visa (短期滞在)
  • Business Visa (投資・経営)
  • Assisting those that are here illegally or have overstayed to regularize their stay(オーバーステイ等の方のご相談)
  • Refugee Applications (難民)


I can also assist in making a go of a New Business, in Japan.

  • Establishing a company (会社設立のお手伝い)
  • Applying for a business license (レストラン・中古自動車販売などをはじめたい人の許可申請)
  • Borrowing money from a bank (銀行からお金を借りるお手伝い)


You can also find more information about the service we provide, by sending e-mail to the office. ※Free of Charge for Initial contact ONLY (はじめてのご相談は無料) Administrative Solicitor Office. (行政書士事務所Gyosei Shoshi office) Immigration Lawyer& Administrative Solicitor, Miyuki Yoshida. 吉田 美如