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ホスピタリティ溢れる女性行政書士があなたの心強い味方となりストレスや悩みから解放できるよう、真心こめてお手伝いいたします。 またメンタルケア心理士の立場としても、女性だからこそ、気づいて差し上げられる心の奥深くにある悩みにも、じっくりと耳を傾け、心を和ませるカウンセリングをご提供しつつ、皆様へのお力添えができましたら幸いです。

行政書士 吉田美如 Miyuki Yoshida Administrative Solicitor

Do you need the expert in the General Immigration, Family or your Business fields? Why choose the specialist? To protect your Rights and Duties against disadvantage, please don’t hesitate to approach my office, when you meet with any difficulties or before being faced by difficulties.
An Administrative Solicitor, Miyuki Yoshida, is an expert in drawing up the document in the administrative affairs. I may assist you in various fields, I am dealing with General Immigration, your Business, and Family and childcare related matters.
In many cases, to listen to all of the issues in your case will be the highest priority, and consult the best way of resolving your worries. However, I may introduce to you other experts depending on the situation.
M.yoshida Administrative Solicitor Office is a small, which is committed to building Steady& Faithful relationship with all clients, in order to deliver the Best Quality service to all clients.
You can also find more information about the service we provide, by Sending e-mail to me freely.


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